About Elena

Lens on London and New York City

I like to take photographs and write about London and now New York as well (thanks to a NY-Lon romance), anything that catches my eye or interest. Short and snappy is my motto, and the more random, the better. From a fantastic painting in an art exhibit to a book I couldn’t put down to soccer in the moonlight on a Barcelona beach, if I find it visually or thematically arresting, I’ll snap it and hope you’ll agree.   Often my lens stretches to the countryside or to trips abroad. But London and New York are where I spend most off my time, and that’s where I’ll be exploring most.

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There’s also a Things I Like section on the site for everything not related to travel, but still life enhancing and worth knowing about, such as a tantalizing quote, a thought provoking interview or a funny article.

Girl About Town

I was born and raised in foggy San Francisco, a city I love flying back to and exploring. I’ve always had a soft spot for shopping, as you can see below.

Elena with Alexandra

Wanderlust led me to New York in the eighties and then London, the ideal hub for those who like to jump ship every so often and go exploring. I write regularly for upmarket travel site Indagare, as well as others, such as The Women’s Room Blog and  26 to incite a love of words. When I’m not reading and writing, I’m on the move, seeing things.


I have an MA in Journalism from Columbia University and I was awarded an MA with Distinction  in Creative Writing from Kingston University.  I think I won sympathy votes for  my memoir thesis “Table for Two: Finding Mr Wrong.” I am on the board of Columbia Journalism School. I’m not a perennial student although I am perennially curious. I’ve written for Indagare, Sotheby’s Magazine, The Women’s Room,  26, Travel & Leisure, Town & Country, Tate Modern, City Secrets: London, 1st Dibs and countless others.

Five things you might want to know about me:

Who I idolized as a kid: Harriet the Spy

Who I idolize as a grownup: Too many to name, but honest and funny writers like Nora Ephron, Anne Lamott, Anna Quindlen, Carrie Fisher are right up there. I wish I could write like Melinda Stevens,  editor of Conde Nast Traveller. Her “Letter from the Editor” page is so quirky and beautifully written. And Meryl Streep is my super hero, for her acting and speech about empathy at the Golden Globes .

Pet Hates: Thoughtless people, bullies

Pet loves- My pugs, Antoinette and Josephine. I may blog them once in a while if they’re looking particularly fetching



Pet Peeves: Certain words or expressions like when a waiter in the States asks, “Are you still working on it?” Since when was eating a chore? And then I hate myself more for answering, “I’m good.”