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1 week ago
A valedictorian thanked teachers in her speech. Then she went scorched earth.

I loved this honest valedictorian’s speech! There’s no sugar coating here. #NatalyBuhr chose her moment in the limelight to chastise the teaching staff who failed her and other their students. Very bold. https://wapo.st/2Ko5hBg #students #speech #theteaching #valedictorian

The San Diego high school senior called her counselor "unavailable," the office staff negligent and lambasted a teacher who was arrested at school.

1 week ago
Donald Trump’s Royal Treatment

As with the great, the good, and the downright villainous whom the Queen has hosted over the decades, the President was smoothly disarmed with smiles, small talk, and a banquet.
For anyone who missed President Trump’s state visit to London, Anthony Lane provides a humorous account. "Banquets with ‘an arsenal of cutlery, even dictators get flummoxed" and a straight jacket-like white waist coat worked beautifully in silencing a normally brash and loud Commander-in-Chief. Three cheers for pomp and ceremony.

As with the great, the good, and the downright villainous whom the Queen has hosted over the decades, the President was smoothly disarmed with smiles, small talk, and a banquet.

1 month ago
A Woman Obsessed - Elena Bowes

Apartment renovation in Manhattan & London. Looking for Interiors Anonymous Group! Interior design new york #apartmentrenovation #newyork #london #interiordesign #decoration #design #style http://bit.ly/AWomanObsessed

Stretch and I are renovating an apartment in Manhattan that began life as a squash court. If only we were squash players we could have just moved in with our racquets. I am also redecorating a small flat in London, my home away from home. All this is to say that I have become a...

2 months ago
Perfection is so over-rated - Elena Bowes

Next Friday, about 146 hours and ten minutes, from now, – I will be giving a welcoming talk to hundreds of illustrious Columbia Journalism School alum at the afternoon tea. What do I say? http://bit.ly/2IB7rwc #writerlife #publicspeaker #alumni #journalists #journalism #talk

It’s a big year for me. Not only is it my 30th reunion of the Columbia Journalism School, but my daughter is getting married. At both events I will be required to speak in public in front of lots of people looking at me expecting me to say something interesting or witty or both. This is not...

2 months ago
These books spark joy: The bursting, beautiful shelves of famous bibliophiles

I love this article. While Marie Kondo is right that the power of de-cluttering one’s house, helps de-clutter one’s mind, I think people should be very careful about clearing out old books. My advice for what it's worth (not much, I know) is not to get rid of books that you loved, even if you’ve read them before because you might want to re-read them or just look at them, flip through them and be reminded of why you loved them in the first place. For example, I know people might judge me negatively when they see “Eat, Pray, Love” on my bookshelf. But I don’t care. That book did ... See more

Amid the decluttering craze, we asked people for the stories behind their collections.

2 months ago

OF A FAMILY’S WEEKEND HOME. http://bit.ly/CTCGSixthSense

2 months ago
Opinion | The Best Restaurant if You’re Over 50

It’s not just sex and sleep that change as you age, it’s supper, says my new favorite columnist Frank Bruni. For anyone over 50, I think this article will strike several chords. When it comes to eating out, we care about different things at 50, then we did at 30 or 40. Noise (not a lot please) simple uncomplicated food (roast chicken sounds perfect tonight and when I come back next week) our favorite cocktail and comfy, back supporting chairs.

I went to a concert last week - I’m friends with people in the band. My girlfriend tried talking to me over the din of the music. I could not ... See more

It’s not just sex and sleep that change as you age. It’s supper.

2 months ago
My Time as a Camera Sherpa - Elena Bowes

This got me thinking- I’ve been a journalist for thirty years. Maybe it’s time for a change, a 2nd chapter? #writerlife #journalists #timeforchange

My friend Becky has recently opened an interiors shop in Westport, Connecticut. I work all the time. I never have a chance to exercise or do anything, Becky laughs. I love it. I’m totally passionate about it. Becky says she has noticed that she’s not alone. As we women hit our fifties, with no k...

3 months ago
Sensational Scandinavia - Travels with Stretch - Elena Bowes

A new post from Scandinavia! Vasamuseet / The Vasa Museum Gasoline Grill Skt. Petri and much more...

Excuse me, did you just say ‘grated reindeer heart’? I ask our Swedish waitress, as she sets the plates down in front of us. She speaks perfect English but with a heavy accent. I probably misheard her. She nods and starts talking again. Excuse me, I interrupt once more. Did you just say ‘smoke...