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Show to See: Stone Walls by Mariana Cook

September 9th, 2018
Deborah Bell Photographs, 16 East 71st Street, NY NY
Lovings: Art, Design & Fashion

Earlier this week I popped into a shoebox sized gallery on the Upper East Side. I remember reading somewhere on-line about an exhibition called Stone Walls by Mariana Cook. I was intrigued that the photographer, the  last protégé of Ansel Adams, spent eight years traversing the globe taking pictures of old walls. She went to...

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July 8th, 2018 | Ponderings

Going on Vacation

I am going on holiday and will be back, well, later. I have some serious reading by the beach that I want to attend to (scroll to bottom for my…

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4 days ago

London J-School Alum love our pub nights. It was great to see both new and familiar faces. For all those who couldn’t attend, we hope to see you at the next round. Columbia Journalism School Columbia University Club of London

4 days ago
Opinion | The Trouble With Vacations

Here are links to two different articles on Staycations - one insightful and at times funny, the other just funny. Maybe we should make our everyday life better so we aren’t quite so desperate to go on vacation (and so low when we get home) argues serious article in NYT. And in funny article number two, from the New Yorker, a wife tries to look anew at life during staycation with hubbie of ... See more

What if I had put all that money and enthusiasm into my everyday life instead?

1 week ago
Like Minds

I interviewed Nicole and writer Mary Donnelly for Columbia College Todays Like Mind series about storytelling earlier this summer. http://bit.ly/2D1usH1

Listen in on a conversation between two alums with a shared interest.