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6 days ago
Opinion | An Introvert’s Guide to Friendship

I like this article because the author Sarah Ruhl points out how friendships rarely get written about because of their very nature - they are calm and loving and can last for years. No drama. And yet, friendships are what sustains many of us. They are my oxygen. I adore them. Friends are for life, not just for Christmas. I always feel better after a good meal or a long walk chatting with my ... See more

What my student taught me about one of life’s most important relationships.

1 week ago
'Aroused' Author Randi Hutter Epstein Makes Science Easy to Understand & Fascinating - Elena Bowes

If you had to single out your favourite hormone, which would it be? Why? Randi Hutter Epstein Author #Aroused #hormones http://bit.ly/ElenaAroused

I am not a science person. It was always my worst subject at school. Even the easy classes were hard. So it was with a slight unease that I picked up my friend Randi Hutter Epstein’s latest book, Aroused, the History of Hormones and How They Control Just About Everything. Fortunately, Randi is a g...

3 weeks ago
Treasures from Classic London Club Annabel's Are Going Up for Auction

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nina Campbell who was not only an Annabel’s devotee, but helped decorate the illustrious club with its talented owner, the late Mark Birley. Nina had wonderful stories to tell. Annabel's Mayfair Nina Campbell http://bit.ly/2Al9YUT

Everything—from the iconic Bodhisattva to a porcelain urinal—must go.