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New York-London travel writer of a certain vintage looking for meaning and wholeness in life



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1 month ago

The other night I went to a silent auction fundraiser at The Drawing Center in Soho, New York. In this world of big, brazen mega-galleries I loved the intimacy and modesty of the space - one room to view a selection of lovely, disparate, high-quality drawings, many donated by the artists. I ended up taking home a meticulously crafted pencil drawing of a Ford LTD by Robert Davis. Laura Hoptman, ... See more

1 month ago

Chin hairs, arm cellulite - there’s a whole lot more to ageing! Best-selling author Pamela Druckerman gives us the dirt - #therearenogrownups Penguin Random House Read our Q&A about her wise and wonderful book - http://bit.ly/2zzYY6Y