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New York-London travel writer of a certain vintage looking for meaning and wholeness in life

My friend Becky has recently opened an interiors shop in Westport, Connecticut. I work all the time. I never have a chance to exercise or do anything, Becky laughs. I love it. I’m totally passionate about it. Becky says she has noticed  that she’s not alone. As we women hit our fifties, with  no kids...

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3 days ago
These books spark joy: The bursting, beautiful shelves of famous bibliophiles

I love this article. While Marie Kondo is right that the power of de-cluttering one’s house, helps de-clutter one’s mind, I think people should be very careful about clearing out old books. My advice for what it's worth (not much, I know) is not to get rid of books that you loved, even if you’ve read them before because you might want to re-read them or just look at them, flip through them ... See more

Amid the decluttering craze, we asked people for the stories behind their collections.

1 week ago

OF A FAMILY’S WEEKEND HOME. http://bit.ly/CTCGSixthSense

2 weeks ago
Opinion | The Best Restaurant if You’re Over 50

It’s not just sex and sleep that change as you age, it’s supper, says my new favorite columnist Frank Bruni. For anyone over 50, I think this article will strike several chords. When it comes to eating out, we care about different things at 50, then we did at 30 or 40. Noise (not a lot please) simple uncomplicated food (roast chicken sounds perfect tonight and when I come back next week) our ... See more

It’s not just sex and sleep that change as you age. It’s supper.