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March 31st, 2019 | Places

My Time as a Camera Sherpa

My friend Becky has recently opened an interiors shop in Westport, Connecticut. I work all the time. I never have a chance to exercise or do anything, Becky laughs. I…

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February 28th, 2019 | Places

Eloise and Weenie go to Durham

Last weekend I went to the cultural hub of Durham, NC to visit my beloved youngest Julia. For anyone who doesn’t follow me on Instagram (shame on you), I brought…

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October 23rd, 2018 | Places

Off Season, On Island Escape

Last weekend Stretch and I went island hopping, from Manhattan to Nantucket. It was the perfect autumn escape – no people, decent weather, long walks, big fires and a lot…

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August 24th, 2018 | Places

Sailing in the Big Blue Yonder

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. About a year ago my friend Jessica told me that she thought the toilets could be a stumbling block. Have you ever pumped one?’…

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January 11th, 2018 | Places

Boot Camp with Mel, Me and the Moose

Some people are cold weather people. Others are not. I fall into the latter category. I have bad circulation, am an intermediate skier at best and look horrible in snow…

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