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Art for Good – Gund for Art

September 1st, 2016
New York City

Philanthropic superwoman Agnes Gund has more awards and sits on more boards than I have anti-ageing creams. Beyond the arts, Ms. Gund supports women’s issues and the environment. But the cause that is dearest to her heart is arts education. Nearly 40 years ago today, Ms. Gund created Studio in a School, a program where working artists teach the joys and benefits of making visual art to inner-city kids in New York City.


Time to put her stockinged feet up? Hardly. The tireless and dedicated 78-year old – who begins her working day when most are padding to the coffee machine and ends it long past bed-time – is now bringing Studio to other American cities, with her characteristic consistency of message and long-range vision.

I spoke to Ms. Gund and several fans of hers and Studio about why teaching art to underprivileged kids is as crucial as math or English. As one Studio teacher told me, “it’s a game changer.” Read my article in Sothebys’s magazine here.


September, 2016