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Must Read: The Lightbox, by KJ Orr

February 29th, 2016
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Being in limbo often feels lousy or, at least, unsettling.   Katherine Orr’s debut collection of short stories The Light Box explores those little moments that alter everything. From Argentina to Siberia, from London to New York, from a plastic surgeon’s regrets to an astronaut’s homecoming, Orr’s short stories  examine how change presents itself. She looks at the randomness of it all and the paths transition takes her characters on.

I am interested in those moments in life when we are forced to reappraise the narratives we have – consciously or unconsciously – forged for ourselves … so how the narrative of a person’s life can collapse and change.

Similarly, Orr says feeling lost as a writer is ok. Her lyrical yet minimal stories linger long after the last page has been read.  Read my interview with Katherine Orr  in 26 and obviously, buy the book. It’s excellent.

January, 2016

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