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Young Bright Things – The Next Big Thing

April 20th, 2016
David Gill Gallery, King Street, St James, London

Check out some new young talent at David Gill‘s esteemed gallery in St James. Usually the spot to ogle firmly-established, illustrious names like Fredrikson Stallard, Yves Klein, Barnaby Barford or  Zaha Hadid, Gill has shaken – not stirred-  things up.

Young Bright Things (YBT) which opened last night and runs until May 13th features ten artists – a mix of  sculptors,  jewellers,  graphic, textile and fashion designers. Above are Petra Palumbo, Annie Morris and Jordana Yechiel. Ages range from 19 year old potter Tancredi di Carcaci – who was influenced by a trip to Cordoba,  icons of the Virgin Mary and 18th c. Baroque decorations …

Tancredi di Carcaci African Jug

Tancredi di Carcaci Spanish Madonna

– to the cool and coquettish 32 year old shoe designer Charlotte Dellal. Mondrian, Lichtenstein and Picasso give Dellal’s Charlotte Olympia brand heels an arty kick . The painted velvet tote bag is also by  Charlotte Olympia.


All the works in the show are either one-off’s or limited editions for David Gill


W’s Contributing European Editor and curator of  YBT Gianluca Longo says the show is about craftsmanship.

I come from Italy and I love stuff that is hand-made with a lot of passion and history behind it.

He adds that the idea for the show came to him and gallery owner David Gill at a wedding.

David and I were at a wedding last year surrounded by young creatives. He said ‘Oh my God, I would love to have them all in my gallery’. And I said, ‘Why don’t we just do it? And that’s how it started.

Pretty straightforward? Only if you can overcome dealing with chilled millennials.

Oh, you need it now? imitates Longo of his relaxed participants. ‘But I’m skiing in Gstaad’ or ‘But I’m with my grandmother.’

Luckily, Longo prevailed, the artists delivered and the show looks fab.

Fresh-faced illustrator and textile designer Luke Edward Hall


created a dinner set for six inspired by Greek mythology …


Longo with Palumbo below who makes hand-painted inspired embroidery for her family label Tapisserie. She collaborated with artist Rhys Coren and designer Francis Sultana to make these stools below.



Longo with Tudor-mad jeweller Yechiel …


Yechiel’s JY Shields get a  Rock n’ Roll twist



I love the Tudor period, the court life, the richness, the extremities. They were so bling, these women with their outfits, their dresses and bodices. It was just so decadent…Shields are not only protective armour, but symbols of who you are and where you come from.

Or go for something softer, delicate and very wearable with Noor Fares’ delectable chains below …


If a modern take on a classical marble bust is your thing, Nick Hornby is your man….


Walk around the bust and observe the different profiles as they appear.


Going to a show of Post-Modernist works? Brazilian-American designer Alexander Lewis’s lilac PoMo sweater is  the one to don.


Be bold with this pigment stack sculpture by Annie Morris …


Or blow your friends away with a hand-blown sensual work by  French-Lebanese artist Flavie Audi …

Flavie Audi

Flavie  Audi

April, 2016