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Clifford Street, a gem of a street

December 18th, 2016
Mayfair, London
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Blink and you might miss Mayfair’s Clifford Street, a gem among the marble palaces (Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior) that line the famous New Bond street. But the small, charming road is chock-full of very British, well-curated shops that are worth seeking out and inject a sense of fun and discovery into the jaded retail world.

Does the idea of shopping make you feel like this?


Well, read my detailed round-up in Indagare about the shops that will bring a smile to your retail-worn weary face.  Highlights in the article include the talented Isabel Ettedgui at Connolly,



the equally delightful Audie at Anderson & Sheppard,




Drakes for ties and shirts …


and the unique Mr. Schnieder at Schnieder Boots for the closet horse lover in you …


Clifford Street brings the therapy back into retail, the smile into spending. Promise.

December 2016