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Lynette and Eloise – Small Shows, Big Punch

August 12th, 2017
New York City

Hi and Goodbye,

Most of my blogs, I sweat over. But seeing as I have an 8am flight to Portugal and I haven’t packed (or even unpacked from my last jaunt), this blog will be short and sweet. Stop looking so relieved.

If you’re in Manhattan this month, I recommend two exhibits that couldn’t be more different or as enjoyable- from the Lower East Side to the Upper West.

Don’t miss British-Ghanian artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye’s


thoughtful and soulful paintings at the New Museum. Under Song for a Cypher as the show is lyrically called is a quiet exhibit, 17 new paintings in one room to be enjoyed alone. The show ends September 3rd and then Lynette is going on a sabbatical so now’s your chance.


They look like portraits of real people  but come from Lynette’s imagination. Read my interview in The Women’s Room Blog with Curator Natalie Bell to learn more about how Lynette paints. And while you’re in the New Museum check out the Instagrammable-friendly views from the top floor.


Practically on the other tip of Manhattan just off Central Park and 79th Street is Eloise at the Museum at the New York Historical Society . Who didn’t grow up wishing they could wiz up and down the elevator of the Plaza Hotel with pug Weenie in tow? Eloise had her very own “fawncy” suite and bubbly “bawthroom”. In my next life, I know who I want to come back as.


And the cafe at the museum, while not exactly the Plaza, is charming…



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