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Stephan Janson – Milan’s Best Kept Secret

July 29th, 2017

I was telling  my talented stylist friend Nancy (who I will be blogging soon) that I was going to Milan, a city that I don’t know very well.

You’re going to Milan? Then you must visit Stephan Janson’s studio. He’s a fantastic designer. His clothes would be perfect on you.

So like the teacher’s pet that I am, I went and was totally charmed by  Janson. Not only is he really funny and warm, but his clothes, which he admits have ‘zero hanger appeal’,  are very wearable. If you’re wondering why you have never heard of Janson, he shuns the spotlight big-time.


But all of Milan’s fashion cognoscenti are loyal clients. And he’s worked for a slew of top names like Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Diane von Furstenburg and Pucci. Here’s a blog I wrote about my new favourite person in The Women’s Room Blog.



Prepare thyself, I don’t look like the model above, but I do like this simple, long dress I bought.


Nancy loves the dress too although she did offer some styling tips,

When you wear a statement necklace, you don’t need statement earrings. And lose the watch.

She’s ruthless, but that’s another blog. For now read the one I wrote about Janson in The Women’s Room Blog. And go visit him next time you’re in Milan!

July, 2017