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STANDSEVEN – Talk about the Ultimate Feel Good Purchase

April 26th, 2015
Lovings: Unique Finds

Conceived by the beyond adorable, inspirational, modest and cool Ikena Carreira and Tamaryn White (I have only met Ikena, pictured above in London’s Groucho Club),  STANDSEVEN sells beautiful designer pieces that benefit the artisans who made them.

How can you not love a web site that chooses Patti Smith as its contemporary icon?!


The site’s tagline, ‘Luxury that Supports Livelihoods’ is exemplified by jewellery brand Article 22 which transforms weapons into jewellery. The first collection called Peacebomb (pictured below) uses Vietnam war bombs and scrap metal from Laos to create these stunning pieces. Sales of Peacebomb help demine unexploded bombs to make the land safe.


Architect du Jour David Adjaye is a big fan. Below is Stool 7  created for the site. A sale of one stool pays for a year’s tuition for a child at one of the top schools in Sierra Leone.


And a personal fave – Claire Fouche’s Diana Cuff


and her Irga Chrysoprose ring…

Maia-Maasai-Chrysoprase-Ring_0Fouche jewellery, which has been featured in British and French Vogue, provides fair trade opportunities to artisans across Nairobi and Africa’s largest slum Kibera. I’m feeling verrry philanthropic today.

April, 2015