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The other Mykonos

August 9th, 2014

When I told my hairdresser I was going to Mykonos he winked at me. “Ah, you like to party?”

I don’t like to party.  I hate noise, crowds, drunken weirdos and why would I want to go deaf any earlier than I already have to? And yet I like this crazy island where the airport departure lounge looks like an emergency room full of bandaged, grumpy survivors. Why? Because I’ve cracked the code. My kids and their friends do the dusk to dawn shift.


And just as their angelic heads are hitting the pillow, I’m spraying myself with factor 50 . The island is so peaceful when the revellers slumber. So dear readers, this blog is not about dancing on tables at Namos for lunch and then continuing on to other tables at Super Paradise. This blog is for those who like to sit at tables versus jumping on them.

First comes my morning dip. There are tons of lovely empty beaches here. This one called Kapari on the southwest side of the island just happens to be close to where we are staying.


Mykonos has plenty of slightly boho cafes for breakfast. You just have to look. Here’s Y-not in Ornos where the eggs are so fresh I am sure there’s a hen hiding in the kitchen. I see the same locals here every day.


The Melting Pot in Psarou is owned by an ex-hippie named Kostos who apparently used to live in a cave. He’s still pretty laid-back, as is the waitress who served me breakfast and then sat down nearby for a smoke.


Can’t come to Greece without tasting its sublime yogurt. Just needs some honey and walnuts.


Most beaches have casual restaurants. Some of my favourites are in Panormos Bay, Agrari and Lia.



A cute boat ferries people between Agrari and Elia beaches.


And for those who like to surf (yes, you Dave the Wave) Kalafatis next door to Agrari on the southern side delivers.



So there’s definitely a quieter, charming side to this island, as well as the wild side where boogying to Afrojack starts around 3am. I don’t have any photos of the latter, only the former. Boring! I know.



Even Mykonos town- heaving at sunset – is calm as a tranquillised tiger in the morning.


And no decent blog forgets about shopping tips. My favorite shop for presents is called


I always strike gold here. Its near Mattogiannis street, the area where the best shops are.


Just as I’m about to turn into a pumpkin, my kids are perking up… the secret to a happy holiday.


August, 2014