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Glorious Glass

April 22nd, 2014
Unique Finds

There’s a dazzling show of vibrant and colorful glass sculptures by world-famous artist Dale Chihuly at the Halcyon Gallery on New Bond Street across the street from Sotheby’s.

Born in Tacoma, Washington in 1941 and working with glass for nearly half a century, Chihuly has created a vast number of astonishing glass works that are a colorful, vibrant mix merging fine art with craft, ranging in size from a simple vessel to room-size installations.


DSC00027Perhaps the most eye-catching and glorious of the lot is the one in Berkeley Square for sale for £1.25mm. The show ends April 21st. For a stimulating read on Chihuly’s rise from modest means (he worked as a commercial fisherman to pay for graduate school)  to becoming an artist of world class stature, read “The Glass Menagerie” article in the Telegraph. This prolific artist is no stranger to London with major installations at Kew Gardens, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Claridges Hotel. This summer  (’14) he has two exhibitions opening in Dublin.

April, 2014